Lowline Angus Cattle In The

Texas Hill Country

Miniature Angus Lonestar Lowlines - Boerne Texas
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Lonestar Lowlines breeds and sells registered Lowline and Aberdeen Angus Cattle in the Texas Hill Country.

We are headquartered at the River Creek Ranch near Boerne in Kendall County, Texas.

Miniature Fullblood Lowline Angus Bull
BJC Jackson son of Bramb. Quartermaster (ranked #1 Lowline bull in the U.S.)
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Our Current Program

We are experiencing a Lowline population explosion in the southern states (mainly Texas) and are building up our herd with genetically superior stock to accommodate demand.  We are offering first class heifer and bull calves (born on our ranch) for sale.  Our cattle are acclimated, stress free and very healthy.  We invite you to come visit River Creek Ranch on the Guadalupe River in Boerne, Texas and see for yourself.

We also have full-blood registered Aberdeen Angus cattle purchased from Woodstone Ranch "The Irish Herd".  These registered angus, bred to our main bull Jackson, are having some of the finest percentage blood calves we have seen.
Texas Junior Livestock Association Texas Club Calf Association
We are happy to announce the acceptance of Lowlines in the TJLA and TCCA

Our Future Program - Grass Fed Beef

Time Magazine Grass Fed Beef Cattle Revolution Hormone Free
Our future program consists of providing a supply of hormone free, naturally grown, grass fed beef to distributors and individuals.  The efficiency and meatiness of the Lowline breed will allow us to run 200+ head of pecentage Lowline cattle along with other breeders to supply specialy markets as described in the Time Magazine Article "The Grass Fed Revolution".  Click on the link to read this informative piece on Grass Fed Beef.
Fullblood and Percentage Blood Lowline Angus Heifers
Why Lowlines?
Lowlines are typically 60% of the size of average beef cattle.  They are perfectly proportioned, genetically pure, smaller versions of their Angus relatives.  Their size allows for light birth weights (<50 lbs.) and superb calving ease.

Lowlines are practical performers.  They are low maintenance, cost efficient cattle that can generate greater profits per acre.  Due to their low feed requirements, they are remarkably self-sufficient and also more “ecologically friendly” than larger animals that damage pastures.
Lowline beef fits the consumer’s preference for quality in smaller portions.  Since Lowlines can finish on pasture with minimal grain, their beef is eligible for most natural or health conscious programs.  They also yield a higher proportion of desirable cuts than most cattle.

Lowlines’s compact stature and docile temperament make them easy for all members of the family to handle and enjoy.  They’re very manageable, requiring very little time, effort, or expertise.  Plus, there is no need for expensive fencing or heavy equipment associated with larger cattle.

Now is a great time to get in on the ground floor of this exciting breed.  Lowline demand is growing rapidly nationwide.  More than just a fad or hobby, they have lasting value and purpose due to an increasing suburban population.  In addition, they could provide tax savings on your property.

American Lowline Registry
American Angus Association
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